पहिली गोष्ट जी हा picture बघताना लक्षात येते, ती म्हणजे drone शॉट मध्ये कुठली पण गोष्ट glamorous दिसते, मग ती पुण्याची मंडई असो किंवा पर्वती , कुठल्या तरी फॉरेन  लोकेशन च वाटते . पुण्यातले जर असाल तर बराच वेळा, ठिकाण ओळखण्यात मजा येते.

Overall the movie is good, has it’s moments, plot is basically simple, recently there was Byomkesh Bakshi, which itself was a take on the Sherlock movies, where the deduction prowess of the lead character was the key focus of the movie, Faster Fene, tries to do the same, but is a notch lower in the intensity of showcasing the deduction power of the character, and stays pretty much simple, as majority of the target audience is children with accompanying adults. It’s integration of modern tools like Facebook is interesting.

However, the lack of intensity is covered very well by the character played by Girish Kulkarni, a performance that is rock solid in all moments, and fittingly there is no desperate end for the character, which stays strong till the last moment.


The main basis of the movie is nostalgia, and a feeling of closeness, like the scenes from Pune, will endear to those from Pune, Similarly, the reference to Phursungi. Original stories published has the roots of the Fene from Phursungi.

Now to call Phursungi : ‘a place near pune’ would be ironic in today’s time, as Phursungi is not near Pune, but now has been subsumed by the city of Pune, and no longer is separate place, but is just another address in Pune. This shows how time’s have changed from the book to today, where it used to take a good deal of time to move from Phursungi to Pune.

The movie compensates this by moving the character from Phursungi to a bit further till Baneshwar which today qualifies as ‘a place near pune’ but may not by the time the next web series is made on the character.

However, nostalgia will be aroused by the places of the names taken, the movie will also serve similar purpose to those, who have grown up watching the gang of Faster Fene, in plays, Black and white serials, maybe 30-40 years back.

It is quite an interesting re-hash of characters.

Nostalgia Faster Fene

just digressing over here, if you get time, just watch some old serials, especially if you are into Marathi serials, courtesy you tube, I recently ended up watching a Marathi serial ‘Bokya Satbande’ and I was amazed by how slow the serial was, and also how much emphasis was shown to mundane things like dressing up, compare it with today, it is like, snap the character has changed clothes, (obviously not talking about saas bahu serials here, where the mundane activity has been replaced by stretching of emotions and loop shots)

anyways back to the movie, it is watchable, simple, the good guys win, there is corrupt politician, pretty routine..

one thing I find that Indian, both Hindi and Marathi detective movies do, is what I call ‘economy’ of scenes, it is basically that if a scene is used in the movie, it should mean something, and add to the unraveling of mystery, like a scene when a person is gifted something, then later on the gift should be seen to unravel the identity of the thief, so if you see a scene out of the blue in the movie, like a character having a couple of dialogs, like ‘he went there’, then later on as a viewer you know, that the character is going to be used to convey something, there is 100% utilization of every scene

The Breakdown

Cohrent Plot 95%
Aerial Shots of Pune 99%
Nostalgia 90%
Kid's Movie 90%
Girish Kulkarni 97%
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