To be or Not to be : is the John Abraham Question

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The Karikaalan Film

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The magic of the tie breaker

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parmanu poster cover

In this age where being ‘intellectual’ is demonized you are not surprised when it is said that, ‘this film did not do well, because it was too intellectual’. In a nutshell, that is what happened to ‘Madras Cafe’. In reaction to that, John Abraham in his next venture seems to have reached the other end …

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If you wanted a pure cinematic ‘paisa vasool’ experience, then look no further, the last scene of Rajnikanth’s ‘Kaala’ is complete in all respects. The symbolism of color, and sheer brilliance in portrayal is cinematic magic at it’s best, exploiting the ‘visual’ aspect of the medium, it is satisfaction in itself! There is a tradition …

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Marco Cecchinato and Novak Djokovic.

It was sheer luck that we stumbled upon the French Open quarter final between Marco Cecchinato and Novak Djokovic. Marco (ranked 72) had started strong taking the first two sets 6-3, 7-6 against the former champion Djokovic, but then seemed to have run out of steam as Djokovic eyeing a ninth semi final had clawed …

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Deadpool review idiagress

Deadpool is full of so many takedowns that at times it was tiring to keep track of all of them. At least a dozen instances during the movie, based on the structure of the scene and the emphasis on the dialog, I got a feeling that this was more than just a joke, and it …

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Raazi Hindi Movie Poster

Initial impressions of Raazi revolve around patriotism veering on the side of jingoism, however what unfolds on the screen is a deeply personal story, of the toll a conflict takes on individuals, questioning the boundaries of faith, love, loyalty, respect and above all duty. The most poignant dialog of the movie is at the end, …

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samosa theory of inflation

Life is a paradox that works in antonyms. Laziness is indolence, however the pursuit of laziness often forces us to engage in great industry. The neurons in my indolent genius brain got fired up at the visuals of a television advertisement, it was an advertisement for ‘Kisaan Vikas Patra’. A government scheme that doubled the …

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Avengers Infinity War

I am not sure if the movie has silenced the critics, however it sure did silence the audience at the theater! There was complete silence in the theater as the movie ended (more silence than the quiet place) as everyone was in shock as Thanos terminated half of the MCU by snap of his fingers. …

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billions series review

Sometimes the goose that lays the golden egg must die, especially when the goose in question is a TV series. Popularity (profitability) comes in the way of creative satisfaction, wherein the TV series meanders, shelling out screen time after it has a hooked viewership, and just because we like the characters and the setting, we …

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Unconsequential  is a spelling mistake, but really who cares, especially if we are going to talk about the movies that we are going to! First is Rampage, and the first enlightened thought while watching the movie was the realization that Dwyane Johnson (the Rock) is nothing but Mithun with better CGI (Computer Graphics). At conceptual …

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arsene wenger retiring

Dear  Arsène, I became an Arsenal fan in 1999 and you are the only Arsenal manager that I have known. You stepping down is quite the shocker for someone like me, Arsène and Arsenal were synonyms for fans like us. People may talk about the trophies you won, pin you down to winning stats, however …

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