Deadpool : the ‘IN’ movie

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Raazi: beyond Caricatures of War

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October: poem packaged in a movie ..

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The Post and Darkesh Hour

Two movies based on true events, two movies gunning for the Oscars, two movies with splendid actors, two movies on historical choices having great significance for today’s world, hence, I decided to watch the two movies on consecutive days! It is as if both movies were competing for the title of ‘shortest timeline’, The Post …

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Arsenal Manchester City

It is ludicrous to compare Arsenal and Manchester City,  Manchester City are 15 points ahead of the pack, while Arsenal languish at 6th place, 8 points from fourth place. Well, there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, Similarity in Intent of football style, -Arsenal claim to play beautiful football, intricate passing, possession, movement, and …

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Kaalakandi Movie 2018

The irony on the movie is that when Saif has a acid trip in the movie, a disclaimer pops up discouraging the use of narcotic and psychotic substances, however the movie seems to tilt towards saying, that acid trip is not that a bad thing, and probably is ‘an experience’. Kaalakandi is a Marathi term …

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movie review of mukkabaaz

Like the title divided in two languages, the movie can also be seen as a tale of two halves. One is raw, exciting, refreshing, and the other is slow, tiring…. with a smart ending! Over the years, Anurag Kashyap has created a brand for his ‘real’, ‘hard-hitting’ cinema, and as with any brand, we have …

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Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle

Have a look at image below, its Mario, it’s Level 8-4, it’s the dragon, it’s just before you complete the level and meet the princess….. but, you don’t have any powers, no Super Mushroom, no Fire Flower, no Starman….. What do you do? ….. if you are a 8/16bit console gamer, a regular one, then …

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Tiger Zinda Hai Hindi movie

Tiger Zinda hai, feels a bit too elaborate for Salman Khan, one of his recent movies that epitomizes Salman Khan was ‘Kick’. The movie was full over the top enjoyment, packed with great songs and a tagline that encompasses the true spirit of the movie ‘मैं समझ मे नाही, दिल मे आता हून ‘ In …

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aikleli match

‘ए, तुझ्या कडे किती पैसे आहेत ?’ चेतनने विचारले. मी पण लगेच उत्तर दिले, ‘५ रुपये, का picture ला जायचा आहे का? ‘अरे, मोठा हो, लहान आहेस का picture बघायला?’ हाच काल म्हंटला होता, picture ला जाऊ, बरेच दिवस झाले theater ला गेलो नाही, जरा लक्ष्मीनारायण ला जाऊ….. आता एका दिवसात हा लहानाचा मोठा होईल, मला …

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Ozil, Wenger, Wilshire against Liverpool 22 dec 2017

Breathtaking game has ended in a disappointment for Arsenal, for not getting away with three points. It was a game of two halves, first one Arsenal were timid, not much in control, lots of chances given to Liverpool. Thankfully Arsenal were just a goal behind in that half. Then came the second half, Arsenal felt …

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Porgs from the Last Jedi

Trilogies are difficult to watch, mostly by the third film, the events of the first one become hazy. Unless you are fan of the franchise, you are handicapped as you enter the theatre. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was painful (sorry fans!). I mean, the first movie began with a promising scene of a …

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Animation films have a way of making deep philosophical commentary, using simple story line and a premise relying on fantasy. Surprisingly, the same fantasy poses an important question for us the the viewer Wall-E Wall-E did it with a simple plot, humorous gags, exciting climax, and yet under all that it posed an important question, …

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