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रात्रीचा ऐकलेला अभ्यास

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Reshma Shaikh Miss : Grace and Beauty

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100 Din ki Movie

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samosa theory of inflation

Life is a paradox that works in antonyms. Laziness is indolence, however the pursuit of laziness often forces us to engage in great industry. The neurons in my indolent genius brain got fired up at the visuals of a television advertisement, it was an advertisement for ‘Kisaan Vikas Patra’. A government scheme that doubled the …

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“अरे समीर, आज कसा काय आलास?”, काकूंनी विचारले. चेहऱ्यावरचे हावभाव बघितले तर कळाले नसते की नक्की प्रश्न कोणाला पडला आहे, काकूंना की समीरला! नेहमीप्रमाने चेतनने दोन्ही पार्टीना अंधारात ठेवले होते. चेतन समीरला “तू ये” एवढेच बोलला होता आणि चेतन बोलवत आहे म्हणजे काहीतरी timepass च असणार, या हिशोबाने समीरपण आला. त्यामुळे उत्तर काय द्याचे समीरला …

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Reshma Shaikh Miss, was the most beautiful teacher of my crescent life. She was graceful, elegant, distinguished person. Everything about her was royal, her long hair, her dresses, usually full sleeve Punjabi dresses, rich in the gamut of colors. And to top all of this, she had a disarming smile, and she oozed positivity as …

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The statement you had to hear was “You make your clothes so dirty”… what were we supposed to do, stop the rain, barricade the wind, what were we, Supermen from Krypton.

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The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. – Willie Nelson I think it was this inspirational quote that the person who was in charge of scheduling classes at Crescent had read… Schools in Pune were divided into two categories,, First was Morning schools which began at 7am and went …

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You take the blame for it, need be fail in the exam for it, but you do not rat out the mafia,, because if you do, you end up in the worst of positions, you become a marked man,, and you know what happens to a marked man, no one touches him, no one talks to him, no one wants to deal with him… so for the rest of his student life at Crescent he undergoes the most gruesome punishments of all : STUDY and appear for the exams.. because no one wants to copy or show answers to a certified rat.

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Currently it is the season of counting the 100 days of Government, in which people are trying to analyze what the govt. has done, undone, not done, got done, dan dana done… But for me 100 and days, when these two words come together, it is just a horror.. and a real horror.. of a …

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Whenever you visit a old 14th century fort, there is always a section in the fort, a partially collapsed wall, or a stone bridge, or an overhanging arch, around which a warning sign is posted, telling you that, this is a dangerous structure, way past it’s validity and may collapse at any time, so better …

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The Tortoise and the Hare In Class I, Question: What is the Moral of the Story Ans. Slow and steady wins the race In Class V, Question: What do you understand from the story Ans. The hare thought that he was faster than the Tortoise and challenged him for a race, when the hare went …

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On a sunny afternoon, after a hearty lunch, three little friends got together to see a book… they shifted the pages to and forth, their eyes got locked.. their senses were locked… neither they could hear, nor they could feel neither they could hear, the footsteps of an approaching sir nor they could feel, his …

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