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Modern Family : Precursor to the Web Series

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Luther – Dark Drama at it’s best

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billions series review

Sometimes the goose that lays the golden egg must die, especially when the goose in question is a TV series. Popularity (profitability) comes in the way of creative satisfaction, wherein the TV series meanders, shelling out screen time after it has a hooked viewership, and just because we like the characters and the setting, we …

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across the board, many have praised this sitcom, for its far reaching effects in changing social understanding of issues like Gay marriage. However from an Indian perspective the series is plain funny. As an Indian audience, Star World has a special place, for the pure work it does, for filtering content before bringing it to …

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The most amazing part of Luther is it’s gripping story line and it’s equally gripping characters. The central character of ‘Luther’ played by Idris Alba, is just amazing, the range of emotions he displays in the drama is amazing, and opposite him is an equally astonishing character of ‘Alice Morgan’ played by Ruth Wilson. Luther …

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