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2p.23 Like an accepted judicial decision in the common law, Science is an object for further articulation and specification

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(2.p20) Most other fields of Physical Sciences ceased to be generally accessible in the nineteenth century

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Leyden’s Jar

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annihilation movie poster

‘Dystopia of Abundance’ is what I felt after watching the imagery in the movie ‘Annihilation’ . Dystopia is the favorite theme of most sci-fi movies, however the dystopia is mostly barren, deserted, a jungle of concrete, broken landscape, full of death and misery. In short it is the full cocktail of depressive imagery. Annihilation breaks …

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Ship of Theseus Anand Gandhi

Ship of Theseus is the one film and the only film where I was part of an audience which gave a standing ovation after the movie ended. It seemed ridiculous at the time, but I guess it very moving for many people. The slow and subtle film however was surprisingly enduring, and a couple of …

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Analogy of Normal Science and Law Many might feel that once a paradigm has been established, what can be the work that would be done by the group of believers of the paradigm or theory. In case of science, acceptance or success of a paradigm is not because it has successfully solved all problems it …

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Continued from Article 1 Evolution of research Communique Paradigms are not static, progress in research invariably leads to shifting of a paradigm. As a new paradigm is developed, the first challenge for it is to attract most of the next generation of researchers. 1st Stage of Evolution : Old beliefs gradually disappear, as many members …

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I am categorizing the articles by chapter and page number.   for Example the first post has a Title :  2.pg18   Herein ‘2’ is the Chapter (Section) number and pg 18 is page number 18. So it means Chapter 2 has been discussed up to page number 18 These page number are based on …

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Leyden jar: Originally invented in 1745 by Pieter van Musschenbroek at the University of Leiden (Leyden), the Netherlands, it was a device used to build and store static electricity. A Leyden jar consists of a glass jar with an outer and inner metal coating covering the bottom and sides nearly to the neck. A brass rod …

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“Truth emerges more readily from error than from confusion”  –Francis Bacon The effectiveness of electrical research increased as it became more and more articulate, because it got a direction after Franklin’s work. Franklin’s work reduced the need for “electricians” to re-emphasize the fundamentals, because after his work they were convinced that they were on the …

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