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Shimmering Shadows

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किस्सा नवीन बस डेपो चा

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Kuber Rush

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simmering shadowa

“How does it feel? the cold blade to your warm jugular?” with grin Ritr asked Ndra as held his sword to the battered King’s throat. “I can feel your blood flow slowing down, with each pulse,” “you or your ..” tried to speak the Great Ndra gathering energy from his body. As he spoke he …

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रविवार सकाळ, बंड्या पेपर वाचता वाचता गणू कडे वळाला आणि चालू झाला, “काय गण्या, एक नंबर बातमी आहे बघ आज” गणूला आता पर्यंत बंडोपंत साहेबांची चांगली ओळख झाली होती त्यामुळे जास्त कुतूहल न दाखवता, निवांतपणे विचारले, “काय बातमी आहे?” बंडूला आपला audience मिळाला हो जा शुरु, “तुला माहिती आहे का, आपल्या मार्केट यार्ड ला नवीन …

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रविवार सकळ ची वेळ , ” ऐ गणु , अरे चम्पक, वाटण्या, रताल्या, (ही भाजी पला मार्केट ची न्हवे तर मित्रांची टोपण नाव) अरे मांगू उठा की रे लेका ” योग्या तनानंला, रविवार आहे, तरी पहाटे पहाटे दहा वाजता हा का उडतोये बघायला राजा कशी बशी झोप अवरत नम्र पने बोलला, “अरे गढ़वा घुडग्यात पड़ला …

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On a sunny afternoon, after a hearty lunch, three little friends got together to see a book… they shifted the pages to and forth, their eyes got locked.. their senses were locked… neither they could hear, nor they could feel neither they could hear, the footsteps of an approaching sir nor they could feel, his …

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The curiosity awakens further contd from part 1 Usually a SLAP and a BAM Stick would have been the end of any kind of situation at Crescent High School,, however this was DEFCON 5, a magazine, glossy one, with photos was available, hence the matter was escalated.. the rest of us were asked to disperse …

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I have heard of the great California Gold Rush, it is said that actually many people did get some Gold back then, a few years back, in the sleepy city of Pune, there was a similar Rush, a Gold and Fortune Rush, however true to 21st century futurism, rather than being an actual Gold Rush, …

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