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The day an Arsenal fan wore a Blue Jersey !

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Manchester City: Rising Blue Sun

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North London Derby !

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arsene wenger retiring

Dear  Arsène, I became an Arsenal fan in 1999 and you are the only Arsenal manager that I have known. You stepping down is quite the shocker for someone like me, Arsène and Arsenal were synonyms for fans like us. People may talk about the trophies you won, pin you down to winning stats, however …

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Leicester City That Magical seasonI I was one of the earliest adopters of the liecester dream, around late September 2015, all because of one man, Claudio Ranieri. The season, 2015-16 begun on a promising note for Arsenal, Arsene Wenger managed to get over the Murhinio Jinx for the first time, as Arsenal defeated Chelsea in …

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Emergence Football is in a continuous flux, Just as Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool threatened to become permanent top clubs, with the odd Leeds, Newcastle, Chelsea, in competition for fourth place, we had the Abramovich era which changed the landscape. The La Liga has stagnated under the dominance of Real, Barca and Athletico, rendering most of …

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Firstly I must confess, as a post Premier League, Gunner fan, the idea of a derby with Tottenham does not have much significance. Let’s face it, besides the memorable day when Arsenal clinched the trophy and then went on to complete their invincible season, and that post goal slide from Henry, Spurs were a non …

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It’s unsportsmanlike to complain of ref decisions, and yes, over the course of a season, it evens out, still, when it spoils a well-balanced game, it is disappointing. The off side was off side, even Silva knew it! Yes, Arsenal players should not have waited for the decision, and blocked him off, nevertheless it dampened …

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English premier league this season (2017-18) is just amazing from a tactical point of view, it has the best football minds in the world currently competing making the contest a relishing treat. The most famous names in the managerial world, are in the premier league, if you think of it, who is outside the league, …

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