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The Karikaalan Film

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The magic of the tie breaker

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-2. A Neither Nor Desire

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If you wanted a pure cinematic ‘paisa vasool’ experience, then look no further, the last scene of Rajnikanth’s ‘Kaala’ is complete in all respects. The symbolism of color, and sheer brilliance in portrayal is cinematic magic at it’s best, exploiting the ‘visual’ aspect of the medium, it is satisfaction in itself! There is a tradition …

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Marco Cecchinato and Novak Djokovic.

It was sheer luck that we stumbled upon the French Open quarter final between Marco Cecchinato and Novak Djokovic. Marco (ranked 72) had started strong taking the first two sets 6-3, 7-6 against the former champion Djokovic, but then seemed to have run out of steam as Djokovic eyeing a ninth semi final had clawed …

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This is the second chapter in the saga, to read the first chapter click here Fair Uhan was unlike the rest savages, he was not from the Valkan, he was a Mixling, a derogatory word for his type. He and his shadow Raksen, his childhood  friend, were both the Mixlings in Aahush’s army , who …

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for the answers I seek

I took the cart, then the gallop then the rope, my bare hands breaking, healing, firming, that grip of mine I climbed, I climbed on As I reach some solace, the stage where I camp, the grimmer greater summit stares down on me, glares at me, mocks me, challenges me the resolve to climb, the …

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Ship of Theseus Anand Gandhi

Ship of Theseus is the one film and the only film where I was part of an audience which gave a standing ovation after the movie ended. It seemed ridiculous at the time, but I guess it very moving for many people. The slow and subtle film however was surprisingly enduring, and a couple of …

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Story of an hour kate chopkin

Read the Passage below, and answer questions based on the context of the passage Chopin tackles complex issues involved in the interplay of female independence, love, and marriage through her brief but effective characterization of the supposedly widowed Louise Mallard in her last hour of life. After discovering that her husband has died in a …

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beach sun with family

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Reading Comprehension Tests

Jazz drummer Andrew Neyman endures a brutal, sustained campaign of bullying and abuse, both psychological and physical, at the hands of Fletcher, the conductor of his conservatory’s prestigious studio band. He eventually washes out under the extreme pressure and, at the urging of his concerned father, anonymously gets Fletcher fired for abuse. In the end, …

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  (revised with inputs from Mr D H Ashish) For Indians, disparaging the front person is a matter of routine. Every opportunity to sneer at the educational qualifications of the front person is relished, and is to be amplified by gossip sharing the insult with a group of like minded foxes! This vulgar tendency is …

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