The Tortoise and the Hare

Tortoise and The Hare
Tortoise and The Hare

In Class I,

Question: What is the Moral of the Story

Ans. Slow and steady wins the race

In Class V,

Question: What do you understand from the story

Ans. The hare thought that he was faster than the Tortoise and challenged him for a race, when the hare went ahead, he got confident of winning, and decided to take a nap. However the tortoise kept on walking continuously, hence when the Hare woke up he found that the tortoise had overtaken him and was winning the race.

Hence we can say that slow and steady wins the race

In Class VII,

Question: In your own words explain the Story

Ans.  The Hare was arrogant and he ridiculed the Tortoise for being slow, and challenged him for the race. The Tortoise agreed, even thought the other animals advised him against it as they were sure that the Tortoise is going to lose the race.

Still the Tortoise persisted, and the race began. After running for some time, the Hare got tired, and he looked back, the tortoise way left way behind and only a small distance was left to win, so he decided to take a nap, confident that he is going to win.

However the tortoise persisted and kept on walking and eventually overtook the hare who was sleeping. When the Hare woke up, he was shocked to see the tortoise near the finish line, and before he could run, the tortoise crossed the line and won the race.

The Tortoise even though was at a disadvantage continued to work steadily and achieved his goal, hence we can say that moral of the story is that slow and steady wins the race

In Class X,

Question: What is key message that the author wants to convey through the Story

Ans. The story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” is written by Aesop, in his Fables, in which through the metaphor of Tortoise and Hare, and a race between them, the author wants to enforce the value of Perseverance.

In this story, the author described a Hare, who was egoistic, and was proud that he could run fast, and when he saw a slow moving tortoise, the hare ridiculed him for his slow speed, and challenged the tortoise for a race. The Tortoise was calm, and he accepted the challenge, even though his friends Monkey and the Donkey advised him against it, They thought it was a futile attempt, and defeat was certain

The race began and predictably the Hare ran ahead and gained considerable ground, he got a bit tired, he turn around and he realized that he was well ahead, and he decided to take a nap, before running ahead. Meanwhile the Tortoise continued his walk, and within some time, he crossed the Hare. When the Hare woke up, he was shocked to see the Tortoise near the finish line, The Hare tried to run very fast, but the Tortoise won the race.

The steady determination of Tortoise had won him the the race, similarly in real life when we are faced with very difficult tasks we should work patiently and steadily on them, and eventually we will mean, like the Tortoise we should keep working hard and hence the saying –

slow and steady wins the race


In GRE exam,

Question: Write a short essay highlighting the key aspects of the Story

Ans. Aesop the famed story teller of ancient Greece, trough his fable about the Tortoise and the Hare, tries to put forth a key philosophy of life packaged as fancy tale.

The Hare’s vanity and egotism are undeniable, he ridicules the Tortoise for the lack of flair, proclaims that speed is the true determiner of one’s worthiness. He insults the Tortoise, and further intends to add to the misery by challenging and defeating the Tortoise in a duel of speed, a race.

The Tortoise physically at a clear disadvantage makes up for it with his doggedness. He accepts the challenge, even though his well wishers, the Donkey and Monkey, try to convince him about the folly he is about the commit.

The race is promptly arranged, and both the Hare and Tortoise at the start line wait for the starting bell. The Tortoise displays true sportsmanship by wishing the best luck to his competitor, The arrogant Hare, snarls at him. He loosed the support of crowd who are now agonized by  his bounderish behavior, and the crowd gets behind the Underdog in the race.

The Hare has nice start to the race, and gains quite a lot of ground. The Tortoise though just manages to move ahead steadily. The crowd enthusiastic as they may be, now see the writing on the wall, they feel that the cause is lost, and begin to disperse as they regard the face as a foregone conclusion.

As the noise settles, the Hare now begins to feel the scorching sun, sweating, he gets a bit tired, and paused to catch his breadth. Turning around he sees the Tortoise way back, and he things that this is in his pocket now. He looks around finds a nice tree, and decided to relish the cool shade for while, re-energize himself and make a run to the finish. However the cool breeze makes him drowsy and he falls asleep.

Meanwhile, the Tortoise now alone, continues his toil in the sun, and keeps chipping at the target, step by step. His persistence pays off, and he manages to cross the Hare, here remaining true to the spirit of competition, he does not wake up the Hare, and continues his steady march towards the finish line..

Then suddenly a nightmare wakes up the Hare, and to his utter disbelief, he finds the Tortoise near the finish line, he realizes that he has left it for too late, tries an halfhearted sprint. He should have realized that it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. The spirit of perseverance makes sure that the Tortoise crosses the line and produces an unlikely upset in the scheme of things.

Aesop, here through his simple narration, achieves multiple objectives, he highlights what a vice vanity can be, and how a virtue like persistence pay off.

At the end he himself summarizes it aptly

slow and steady wins the race

Slow and Steady wins the race
Slow and Steady wins the race
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