Deadpool : the ‘IN’ movie

Read the titles at the start (and laugh) and wait for the entire end credits to roll

Deadpool is full of so many takedowns that at times it was tiring to keep track of all of them. At least a dozen instances during the movie, based on the structure of the scene and the emphasis on the dialog, I got a feeling that this was more than just a joke, and it had some reference, but I did not get it, and frankly I was tired to push myself to recollect and reexamine.

Sometimes it is better to ‘dumb -down’. In a scene the robot arm pushes Deadpool down and asks him, ‘who are you?’ and he says in a tone with gravity, ‘I am Batman’. ended up as my favorite moment from the film, hilarious.

In the theater I got a feeling of the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’, which was evident from the delayed giggle. Typically a dialog was said, nobody got it (at least me!), but a few in the audience would laugh it out, and then an eerie echo of chorus giggles went through the hall.

Digress here, I did something similar, Once, for a film called ‘Shakespeare in Love’, it’s a movie laden with jokes and language, beyond the scope of HSC (Maharashtra Board) English. So a bunch of friends got together, got a VCD (those were the days when the theater prints of Hollywood blockbusters used to reach Indian shores via Scandinavian shipping routes, a good six months late). However some fortunate like me could travel to lands like Singapore and get the VCD in advance. To cut the story short, we saw the movie like 5-6 times, and then booked center stage balcony tickets in Li Na Chi Ma (Vijay Theater), dished out choreographed laughter and ‘ooohh’ sounds and guess what, the rest of the hall just followed our cue, some were in fact a good two seconds late (my friend measured it!!) FOMO has always been a big thing.

Back to Deadpool, it is not dumb, laugh out loud parody like the Scary Movies, it is sarcastic, full of innuendoes and if you not in on them, it is quite a difficult movie to grasp. Thankfully there is slap stick fighting, the usual breaking of bodies type which provides a relief. The X men angle is quite hilarious and the way the X Force gets dismantled is epic. And the idea of ‘Luck’ being a super hero skill is just out of the park.

Some of the jokes I got were when Deadpool says I want to find a planet of nimwits and go there and become their superman, why are all aliens powerful than us!

So bottom line if you not in on the jokes the movie feels a bit of a drag, but it is the ‘in’ thing to go to watch the movie, so you may just watch it for the action sequences. A bit of advice if in the fast moving movie if there is a mild pause in dialog or if there is emphasis by repetition of words (Kirsten, Kiersten), then it’s your cue to let out a giggle, and if you are bit sharp and giggle before others, then your social standing might just increase, and don’t worry, no one is going to ask you, Why?, because no one has asked me yet!


The Breakdown

Fighting Sequences 90%
Some Jokes that you can get 95%
Most jokes that fly off your head 90%
Starting titles 95%
Luck - Superhero 99%
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