The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. – Willie Nelson

I think it was this inspirational quote that the person who was in charge of scheduling classes at Crescent had read…

Schools in Pune were divided into two categories,, First was Morning schools which began at 7am and went on till 1pm, or afternoon schools which began at around noon till 6pm.

Morning schools made up of the early risers, who saw the sun rise at east and came out when sun was above their heads, the students of such schools bragged about how much time they get in afternoon and evening to do stuff.. The evening schools bragged about the time they got in the morning. Students from such judo_karate_crescent_high_schoolschools were multi-talented, as they got time for their art class, judo or karate, music and dance,, some added a mix of culture with Sanskrit, others went for professional sports.. Their parents had walls full of their child’s trophies, and newspaper cuttings. These were the early risers, brave boys and girls who faced the sun, developed character in their personalities as a result of their multiple outward interactions. Most of them probably went on this highly successful course in their life using their multiple skill sets and have ended up being …well… I guess… Software Engineers !! or maybe …. IT engineers,,,,or,,oh yes, Technology professionals..

So we had the morning schools and the evening schools…good schools… and then we had CRESCENT ..

Crescent was and is a 9:30am to 3:30pm school.

Timing !!
Timing !!

No need to wake up at 6am to see the rising sun, and no need to travel at noon in the scorching heat. Crescent actively encouraged its students to stay in bed till 8:30am,,, did not want them to face the afternoon heat, so released them back in the cool soft evening light at 3:30pm. The motto was ART is for snobs, Judo and Karate is not needed in the modern peaceful world, and professional sports..seriously..I mean what are the professional sports in Pune, Indian team in last 30yrs has had no native of Pune playing in it at any Why bother.

Crescent in its great foresight had anticipated that the future is not going to be for the multi talented.. it is going to be of the people who can press buttons on a keyboard for no real reason, for those who can sit at a place without getting bored or excited.. sit in groups of three on a bench where even sitting for one is not easy,, additionally writing in sync and manage a consistent handwriting even while elbows are banging, (very useful in mid level IT firm)

The Crescentian would leisurely reach home at 4 to 4:30, have a nice snack and rush to play.. this way he or she could not play for a long time, Sunset at 6pm meant max one hour of work on the playground, after that back to home. Why run more when you have to sit on a desk for the most part of your life. Also, No special cricket or football coaching, Crescentians are raw talent, untarnished by professional guidance

The real casualty of this timing of 9:30 to 3:30 was the thing that other schools know as homework. I mean you are back home from play at 7 ish, then what, have dinner, watch TV, it’s important to watch TV, the 8:30pm news were the most exciting, and then by 9:30 pm go to sleep. I mean that is the time other kids went to sleep at 9:30, its just a side note that others had school at 7am, so what, going to bed early is important, don’t know why it is important, but it is important. And then wake up in the morning at 8:30am, I mean why wake up at 6am when you don’t have school at 7, you have school at 9:30, wake up at 8:30 and reach school by 9:45. So can anyone explain me, in this schedule, when the hell was anyone supposed to do homework. It is not logistically possible.

but the best effect of this was, this made the true blood crescentian a HUMBLE person,, other schools children were spoilt by their parents, erecting a wall of pride with those clippings and awards, this false pride really damaged these children in their future life, when ahead in the course of life, these future scientists, cricketers, footballers, singers, musicians ended up in front of a desktop.. it weight of wall just collapsed on them,,,

but on the other hand, the crescentian had on his or her wall, well, they had nothing, blank walls, no clippings or nothing,, they never get to built a sense of achievement as they really don’t achieve anything, it’s just blank,,, but it creates a smooth transition into IT life…


Khali haath aaye the hum, Khali haath jayenge

e aye aaa a aye aa

khali haath

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