ISHQ – the best 007 Parody !!

neend churayi kisne ..

Some movies have certain quirks in them, that they become the most endearing aspect of the film. This is especially true for a movie like ISHQ, which has no particular plot line and is basically slapstick comedy.

The scene that has stayed with me from he film, is the one in which a monkey pulls of an amazing car stunt, and then when the turn comes for repeating the performance gets distracted by a female monkey on the side of the road, and when the hero is unable to pull off the stunt like the monkey, he turns around and asks the monkey how did he do it, then the iconic bond music is heard with the monkey pointing to his jacket on which 007 is written. Best parody of 007! The joke is easy to miss as it lasts for a split second and if you are able to get it, then it’s a laugh riot, especially if you are with a group of friends and all of them get it at once.

Well digressing here, we are again reminded of the deficiency of the English language where a Monkey is just a male monkey or a female monkey, unlike in other languages, here I am reminded of P L Deshpande’s observation about how male cat called  बोका  (BoKa) conveyed the ferocity and cunningness and whereas मांजर  (manjer) for female cat did not, and how the English language is incomplete by not having separate nouns for male and female cat’s. An idea to explore for some linguists may be

back to Ishq, besides the above scene, there isn’t much memorable in the movie, yet the movie is enjoyable. One the best aspect of the movie is its pace, it does not get into emotional complications much, and moves fast, the first hour or so is just like a speeding train, with so many comedy scenes, you actually don’t feel the time. Towards the end it could have fallen into the trap of some emotional justification, some father-son emotional outpouring, however, the movie steers away from the trap, and instead uses a lot of banter to compensate for it. The good thing about the movie is that it embraces it’s lack of intellectuality and keeps it fairly consistent

overall if you are idle at home, it is a good movie to watch off youtube, great time pass, and if at all there are still some moments in the movie that you can catch, which maybe have slipped your earlier viewings

The Breakdown

if you are idle at home, it is a good movie to watch off youtube, great time pass
Watchable 90%
James Bond Parody 100%
No Emotional Drama 86%
Easily available on You Tube 95%
Slapstick Comedy 86%
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  3. Deawssib
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    Thank you for sharing your thinking on this blog.

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    nice post and good arguments, genuinely enjoying these.

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    90s fan myself, kudos !!

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