Omertà is a cultural expression and code of honor that places legitimate importance on a deep-rooted family sense of a “code of silence”, non-aggravation with authorities, and non-interference in the legal actions of others

that is definition of Omerta from Wikipedia.. Over at Crescent, these are the following ways that Omerta was to be followsed

1. If you get caught, it was you, only YOU

During exams and the numerous exams that crescent had, copying was a prevalent practice in the underworld of Crescent, Some were petty thieves , taking a glance at someone’s  paper to knock off a Fill in the blank here and there. Some were local goonda gangs, who were adept at the sleight of hand tricks, to go beyond Fill in the blanks to steal a few one sentence answers. Then there were the oddballs, the players in the games, who used sign language to grab a few match the following answers from one end of the room to another. Then there were the addict types, hasty, skill-less type, who tried to steal using voice, asking ‘what is answer to question one’, and just like the saying goes that the loudest robbers get ambushed the first,, these were the ones who used to get caught, and were made example of..omerta at crescent2but then there was ‘the mob’, ‘the mafia’, the ones at the highest level of this game, at the top, not content with making a dime here and there, they wanted to rob the full bank, control the entire loot…They were the bosses, the big risk takers..not content with a few blanks, or short answers, they wanted to rake in the big bucks, entire long answers, give reasons, reference to contexts, and sometimes even essays..!!!

it was a closed gang, each class had one, a small group of the elite masterminds of the underworld… but their game was very simple.. like a Mob each one had a specific role to play.. some were assigned to collect the blanks,, some for the match the following, some to get the short answers, some for the long answers… now you could study and get job done, or you could source it from the sub-handlers..preferred way was to source it..who will study anyway

once all the loot was collected, then it was time to share the spoils,, and literally share the spoils… By actually sharing the answer sheets, giving your answer sheet, and taking someone’s answer sheet and copying word to word, and exchanging them back when the work is done

usually the operations went smooth, no one was caught, the Mafia was in control, but then the odd bad day at work came, and that day one of them was caught,, at this time omerta kicked in..

If you are caught with someone else’s answer sheets on your desk,,,He did not give it to them, YOU stole it from them, He does not even know you stole it, YOU took it !!!!!

at this time, the person who’s answer sheet it is, must be a very skillful actor to express SHOCK on his face,, ‘how did my answer sheet end up there ‘…’how could you’…’E tu Brute’

You take the blame for it, need be fail in the exam for it, but you do not rat out the mafia,, because if you do, you end up in the worst of positions, you become a marked man,, and you know what happens to a marked man, no one touches him, no one talks to him, no one wants to deal with him… so for the rest of his student life at Crescent he undergoes the most gruesome punishments of all : STUDY and appear for the exams.. because no one wants to copy or show answers to a certified rat.

hence it is better to bite the bullet, get yourself a zero when you are caught, go to the vice principal, principal, Patel T sir, and get a bashing, both verbal and physical… Police torture is much better than being a marked man of the Mafia..

Omerta @ Crescent
Omerta @ Crescent

Oh yes, how do I know about all this, well because…

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