Solution, Problem, Solution

The writing of sci-fi movies in Hollywood must be going something like this,

01 SOLUTION: typically in a room, four to five people are sitting, they are looking at some news or some scientist or some sociologist, something, on TV/tablets, and they see some problem or an issue facing us currently, like for Geostrom, it must have been climate change, then they think, oh ok, now how can this problem be solved by science, typically there are two lines of thought here, one is Genetic modification or by super technology like robots, in Geostrom it is satellites with super technology, then they transport this solution into the future typically 50 years.
02 PROBLEM: Now that the technology is installed everything runs good. Then the five who are discussing sit for dinner, and the food is not good, so they discuss further, and how can this technology go wrong, and typically it is on the line of – machines killing people. Then the next phase is, how can this be amplified, is it by killing a few people in some corner of a city or an island (typical for 80’s movies), but post 90’s it is globalization, and it is reflected in our movies, so usually it is cities getting destroyed, by diseases aka zombies, or explosions, something huge, a few cities must get impacted.
03 SOLUTION:Now that big budget is finalized and grand scale of movie assured, the final thing is for the hero/heroine/main character to stop all of this for a happy ending, this last part is usually the least intellectual, reflecting that our writers are up all night, and somehow just want to finish the work, so typically this involves shutting off the machine, or the catastrophe is a limited time event, and the characters only have to win ‘Survivor’ for the day. The only thing on which vote is taken, is whether the central character shows supreme sacrifice (his own death for the sake of others) or whether there is magical survival at the end of it with a close shave in the climax. Geostrom does both of it! (maybe the vote was tied)

so it is, there is a big problem, a grand science/tech solution is envisaged, it causes grander (unintended! unforeseen) complications resulting in lots of VFX done disasters, which is followed by a neat trick to stop it, close shave in the climax, (timer..tick..tick..tick) and we are done !!

oh yes, a philosophical question is posed at the end, about using science 

Thankfully Geostorm is short, and it occurs both on ground and space, which creates good visuals, again 3D, I am such a sucker for 3D, especially IMAX, there is nothing like nice air conditioned, relaxing seats and a 3D movie, it makes movies like Pacific Rim bearable. So Geostorm comes and goes by. Funny scenes and one liners are there like “Marry her”, however since the movie is short, just around 90mins, they are also few and far in between. The villain as usual in the movie is a suspense, a suspense that really does not matter, because there are so few characters in the movie, and you already know the good ones, so you know that the bad one is one among the remaining.

The only thing the movie did was refreshed my memory about ‘Playing God’, the bad guy on confrontation, says (philosophical question ahead) he was trying to Play God, but isn’t everyone trying to Play God!, if you want technology to do things like creation, controlling nature, isn’t that Playing God, so what is wrong with him trying to Play God,  by using the same technology to just choose who he wants around and who he doesn’t.

Well I digressed here, not into the philosophy, but to a movie from the 90’s called ‘Playing God’. It has Angelina Jolie before she became famous, before she became Girl, Interrupted, and X-Files star David Duchovny.

Playing God (90’s)

It just reminded me that I had a VCD player back then, and CD’s were rare, so I had only a few CD’s with me, probably they came free with the player, and one of them was ‘Playing God’ and the other was ‘Indiana Jones’. So inevitably I ended up watching those movies a ton of times. Because whenever a friend or relative came home, and the request was to play a movie for them, by default the fall back was on one of them. So if it was a family type setting it was Indiana Jones, and if it was someone from same age group, Playing God was the go to. It had all of it, fighting, shooting , I think ‘Satya’  was out by then, and the air was filled with ‘real’ gangster movies, and Playing God fit the bill. I still remember I heard the word ‘Bohemian’ for the first time in that movie.

This movie also played another important role for me, I will check if I have the CD or maybe watch it online, just for old times sake

Anyways, back to Geostrom, movie is watchable, Gerard Butler in the zone of ‘has fallen’, rest as they say is H..routine!

(I don’t know why but I always get the spelling of strom wrong, for me it is always str .. sto..!! phonetically, and since spell check is not working with Geo prefix, I am not sure)

The Breakdown

3D , Graphics 90%
Short Duration 86%
Story 50%
Thrill 77%
Just like That 70%
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