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Luther – Dark Drama at it’s best

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Secret Superstar : Serious yet funny, tacky yet endearing

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Troy Deeney : Showing the mirror to arsenal ?

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The most amazing part of Luther is it’s gripping story line and it’s equally gripping characters. The central character of ‘Luther’ played by Idris Alba, is just amazing, the range of emotions he displays in the drama is amazing, and opposite him is an equally astonishing character of ‘Alice Morgan’ played by Ruth Wilson. Luther …

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Well I am not a music aficionado to tell you whether the title track of the movie. ‘Main Kaun Hun’ is a good song or not, but one thing is sure that the song is hammered so much throughout the movie, as a song, as a background score, at the end credits, that it makes …

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Some movies have certain quirks in them, that they become the most endearing aspect of the film. This is especially true for a movie like ISHQ, which has no particular plot line and is basically slapstick comedy. The scene that has stayed with me from he film, is the one in which a monkey pulls …

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Well clearly the last minute goal by Tom Cleverly was not enough, that Troy Deeney in his post-match TV appearance, just mocked Arsenal and attitude of some of its players But there were two aspects as you sat listening to it, one was oh! that is rubbing salt and the other ‘is it really true?’. …

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