When I used to walk to school, it used to take me about 20minutes to come back home after school, then my parents got me a cycle in seventh grade, and I used to take 60 minutes to cover the same distance, and in my mind, nothing was inconsistent.

That’s where the foundations of digressing were laid, the return journey had a favorite spot, a tamarind tree, it took at least 20 stone shots at the tree to make a Tamarind fall into to thick grass below, where it took a good 5 minutes to search it. To top it the tree was infested, and half the time, the tamarind would be half eaten by a bird or squirrel. Yet it seemed a time well spent!
Similarly, in eleventh, the lab assistant used to remark, “take that dilute hydrocloric acid for testing today”. Obediently, we used to take that transparent liquid in a flask, and perform litmus test, essentially taking a blue litmus paper and watch it turn red/pink as it touches the liquid, to conclude that it is an “acid”. Don’t ask why this simple test took 20 minutes to perform, because the real question is why were we allotted 2.5 hours for performing this practical!

So point is, several things were beyond logic that seemed perfectly natural then, and today in hindsight seem, …. the less said the better. Yet, Nostalgia has a way for softening things down, it creates a certain fondness while thinking of the hours spent in lines, one hour in a line to get your form “checked”, another hour in another line to get your form “stamped”, and then another hour for paying the “fees”. The fondness for those snaking lines is the moments with friends, the jokes, the thrill of skipping a few positions, all add to memory.

And this site, is basically a collection of those memories.

Some moments, quirks, are just golden. When a friend pointed out to me, the scene of the monkey is the hindi movie ISHQ, is actually a parody of James Bond, it was WOW!. Cinema has meaning, Dark Knight, Inception, deep philosophical exercise, but at its core cinema is fun. Because its not just about the cinema, its about the bunking of college to see cinema, its about raising ‘contri’ money for the tickets, its about the company while watching cinema, the 3D effect, that matinee show where everyone danced in front of the screen, its about the snaking line to get that first day first show ticket, and many things. I am an avid movie goer, and hence another part of the site is for movies, visual medium, experiences.

Then there is curiosity, it gets fired when you hear of things like, Quantum Physics, Genetics, Epi-Genetics, altruism, economic theory, etc. The word Plato, and the number of times it occurs across, politics, science, economics, that mystical seventh letter, is itself a curiosity dive in. hence the site is about it too.
There is a need to get even with those who tease me for supporting Arsenal!. There is desire to write in my mother tongue Marathi, as google typing has made it easy. There is that test match account, that awesome food..etc

Best summary for such an introduction is therefore
I am Enthusiast about nothing specific


On a side note : As evident so far, I have put up this site as a pure personal indulgence, plus to serve as a push to write more, at least for the sake of adding content to the site. This purely to justify the hours spent in grasping web publishing, a rabbit that just keeps coming out of the hat. By the time, I understood tools for creating a desktop site, came the mobile era, just as it was within reach, came the ‘responsive’ jargon. Each step has meant, hours invested in learning the skill.

So if you are someone with ideas in your mind, but lack the know how or lack time to learn this stuff, just mail me your article/memory/thought/observation/joke to me, I will be glad to put it on the site, more utilization the better!

So thanks for visiting, if you have time, I would be happy to hear from you, connect on Linkedin , Facebook, Google+

Vinaay Patil