Today if you take stroll around Crescent, you will fine, nicely paved roads, premium quality tar has been used, in some cases there are concrete roads, with well lifted footpaths and nice alleys.

On these roads, new age Crescentians march to and fro to school, nicely dressed in their colors of yellow, white, brown tie. Smartly dressed on their bicycles and bikes, these new age folks look so nice, adding to their confidence in every stride they take in the cool breeze.

Flashback by 20years, Crescent was located in what can be considered as outskirts road to crescentof the city, Tar probably had not been invented, so there were some roads which were laid with grey rocks and pebbles but there was no Tar to bind them. Then there were roads in their natural beauty, no pebbles, no rock, just solid mud. Yes, solid mud, which in the rains used to be as solid as Jello. Back then there was not much construction in the region, hence the wind had a free flow, and the gentle breeze of today back then had much more vigor to it. In that vigor it used to freely move the dust on the road,and in some sweeps even small pebbles were not spared. Sandstorms were common occurrences. mud_splatter_crescentThis dust used to then settle on the leaves and branches of trees, and in the first rain of the season, instead of nice pure transparent water, what you got was the dust mixed brown water that used to fall from the trees. For many years I thought that this was the so called acid rain. Rains used to make the mud, as it is called in colloquial terms “Chikkal”, a mud pond, and every vehicle that passed created a nice splatter of brown all over. Nature in all it’s glory !!!


seriously WHY did we have a all white uniform !!!

didn’t anyone realize that strolling in such a muddy, dusty, windy, rainy, environment in whites is dangerous, I mean what were we in, the Navy !!!,, we more like the army, the marines, we should have had army fatigues as uniforms… Why did we have  white, which by the end of the day was brown, and then to top all of it, when we reached home, the statement you had to hear was “You make your clothes so dirty”… what were we supposed to do, stop the rain, barricade the wind, what were we, Supermen from Krypton.

But then there were those days, Going through that muddy road, on your bicycle in rain, sometimes the wheels used to get stuck in the mud, and then due to Newton’s discovery of Momentum and Inertia, you used to fly off your bicycle, into the pond, The White was not some brown, it would then become totally brown… That was the day, when you went home, you crossed you index and middle fingers and uttered “Thank God, I was almost run over by a crazy dude driving a car “

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